Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Party Look! Silver Eye + Volume and Waves + Glam Outfit

Hey guys! This is a complete hair/makeup/outfit look for any type of party! 

The makeup is a very matte, all over polished look. The eyes are a bit frosty and center around the main colors, silver and gray. They are a bit smokey on the outer edges but to not go too dramatic, use a charcoal instead of a black. Finish the look off with rosey pink lips for soft contrast.

The hair works for a casual party or even a formal party. The waves are not quite beachy but they're not structured and super formal. This can be achieved with a regular curling iron or even a curling wand. Just wrap the hair around the wand instead of clamping it then turning and curling. That's how you achieve this wavy effect with added volume.

Finally, the outfit is really versatile. Of course, black and white are staple colors in any wardrobe, and a simple black mini skirt is perfect for any party! By mixing different colored tops with a black mini you can create tons of looks for any occasion. I chose this black and white top to go with the gray makeup and my heels!
Not only is this whole look very cute, IT IS EASY! Hope you all enjoy!


  1. oKaI i CuLd DeFaNeTlY uSe DiS lOoK WeN i HiT dA cLuB!1!

  2. Don't forget to post a picture of how it looks if you do try it out, cHiiKa ;)