Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First time's the charm! :)

Hello dearest reader!

You have probably come across our blog because you are interested in learning how to enhance your God given beauty! If not, feel free to browse and learn a thing or two anyway! :)

First of all, here at FYBeauty we don't believe in the word "ugly" because we believe everyone has an inner beauty that is waiting to shine through! We are just here to hopefully help let it show through make-up, fashion, and health tips!

Who are we? We are Ess & Kay, two life-loving chicks who think everyone deserves a chance to feel beautiful. We are in no way professionals, but we know we can definitely help people to look as happy as they feel. We are here to help, but that doesn't mean we don't like to have fun while we do it!

We hope you enjoy our blog :)

XOXO ess & kay

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  1. It looks beautiful already!